Our passion is partnership

BayPine is dedicated to hands-on investing.


We are deeply committed to our communities and strive to be a force for good in the world.

Character counts

We start with honesty, integrity and candor. We expect these qualities from our investors, our management teams and our employees.

Diversity and inclusion breed strength

We seek out new and different viewpoints to strengthen our firm and foster robust teamwork and discussion that builds better companies and ultimately better outcomes.

Strive for excellence

We seek out the best people for our team and our portfolio. We set high standards and work hard, with humility and integrity, in an effort to generate exceptional results.

Stronger partnerships make better companies

We believe BayPine represents a new kind of private equity. Our joy comes from building deeper relationships and being hands-on with our portfolio companies.

Judgment matters

There is no substitute for careful diligence, hard-won experience and well-reasoned investment judgment.

It’s a privilege to serve our limited partners

Our investors make it possible for us to future-proof strong companies to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Values-driven, patient and responsible investing benefits all stakeholders: investors, companies and communities.



We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into investment and operating decisions to mitigate risk, unlock opportunity and create value. Our ESG Program is designed to uphold standards of responsible investment and business ethics.

In 2022, we became a signatory to the Initiative Climat International (iCI), an initiative supported by the Principles for Responsible Investment which seeks to better understand and manage the risks associated with climate change.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe that a diverse team and an inclusive culture fosters innovative perspectives and are foundational to the success of our firm and our portfolio companies.

In 2021, we became a signatory to the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s (“ILPA”) Diversity in Action initiative, which brings together limited partners and general partners who share a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the private equity industry. The goal of the initiative is to motivate market participants to engage in the journey towards becoming more diverse and inclusive and to build momentum around the adoption of specific actions that advance DEI over time.

In 2023, BayPine became a founding member of the Gender Equity Consortium, a program created in partnership with Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, designed to empower the next generation of female private market leaders and enhance gender equity in the industry. As part of our commitment, BayPine will identify one policy to implement within our firm, track success and report back to the consortium.

* All awards and recognitions presented herein are presented by third parties that are not affiliated with BayPine and were issued for 2022. For each recognition, BayPine is assessed based on written responses to questions on each respective application submitted by BayPine. BayPine does not know the exact number of managers surveyed for a given award or recognition, and therefore does not know the percentage of investors that received any one award or recognition. These recognitions are not indicative of BayPine’s future performance and do not reflect the experience of BayPine or its investment professionals. BayPine did not provide compensation to the third-party ranking organizations to participate in the ranking.



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