David Roux
Executive Chairman

David Roux is the Executive Chairman of BayPine. He has extensive experience as a technology industry investor and building dynamic growth organizations. He is the Co-Founder and former Co-CEO and Chairman of Silver Lake, one of the world’s largest technology-focused private equity investment firms.

Prior to Silver Lake, Mr. Roux held leadership roles at Oracle, Central Point and Lotus Development. Early in his career, he worked at a series of successful technology startups and founded Datext, which was later acquired by Lotus.

At BayPine, Mr. Roux is returning to his entrepreneurial roots to help build an innovative private equity firm focused on the significant potential of helping “old economy” companies take advantage of the best of the “new economy” via a proprietary digital transformation program.

Mr. Roux currently serves as Chairman of Jackson Laboratories and on the boards of Boston Scientific, Bristol Seafoods and The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. He previously served on a wide range of boards of directors. Mr. Roux holds an AB from Harvard College, an M.Phil from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.