Our passion is partnership.

We started BayPine because we love hands-on investing and working with senior teams. We connect strong companies in traditional sectors to the resources they need to thrive.


Why BayPine?

We harness the power of both technology and infinite data, along with the wisdom of decades of experience, to future-proof our companies so they can achieve their full potential.

Our advantage

Digital perspective

The future has arrived early; we bring a fully articulated, comprehensive digital playbook to help businesses innovate—quickly, but also strategically and sustainably.

Highly credentialed team

Our technologically fluent founding team has experience leading successful transformations at scale. We bring a robust set of C-suite relationships at major technology companies.

Longer-term focus

We have learned to uncouple success from speed, and we believe both our owners and our investors benefit from our unconstrained approach.

We are guided by the following business principles.

Despite continuous change in the world around us, our guiding business principles remain constant. We act with integrity, accountability and collegiality. We are deeply committed to our communities and strive to build a firm that will be a force for good in the world.

Character counts.

Reputation is everything. We start with good people—with honesty, integrity and candor. We expect these qualities from our investors and our management teams as well.

Diversity and inclusion breed strength.

We seek out new and different viewpoints to strengthen our firm. Our goal is to foster the kind of robust teamwork and discussion that leads to better companies.

We strive for excellence.

We seek out the best people to join our team and the best businesses to join our portfolio. We set high standards and work hard to produce exceptional results.

Stronger partnerships make better companies.

BayPine represents a new kind of private equity. Our joy comes from building deeper relationships and from being hands-on with our investments to make strong businesses even stronger.

Judgment matters.

There is no substitute for careful diligence, hard-won experience and well-reasoned investment judgment.

It’s a privilege to serve our partners.

We view ourselves as stewards of our partners’ missions and recognize that our ability to future-proof strong companies begins and ends with them.

We’re focused on the big picture.

We believe that values-driven, patient and responsible private equity benefits all stakeholders: investors, companies and communities.

Our commitment to sustainability + responsibility


We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into investment and operating decisions to mitigate risk, unlock opportunity and create value.

Sustainable transformation

We work closely with our portfolio company partners to transform businesses in ways that are truly sustainable.

Long-term vision

We take the long view of markets, industries, and businesses, harnessing patient capital solutions for meaningful change in the companies and the communities in which we invest.

Talk with us.

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